Wednesday, 23 June 2010

June the 16th and a couple more trips

The Opening Day:

The long awaited June 16th and the opening day of the iver season had finally arrived, and myself Allan and JP descended upon the Sluice at day break. It was to be a long day for me as I intended to stay until dusk. In the winter these long summer days are the days that I long for, so I decided to make the most of it.

The fishing wasn't exactly at it's best. Is it ever on the opening day of the season? It never seems to live up to it's much billed name. I mustn't moan though as I did land 2 Tench, both of which came to the method on corn. Allan and JP also got in to some Tench action.

The First Tench of the new season
Stifling heat, but the Tench still fedAllan's first of the season

Allan's first bash on the Pole:

It's been on Allan's wish list to own his own Pole for some time now, and last week he finally managed to part with some of his hard earned and buy a Maver Genesis 13 metre Pole.

It was time to try it out then and put some fish on the bank. I must admit for his first attempt he did rather well, and in four hours fishing I caught 26 fish and Al landed 18, good fishing that mate, I'll have to up my game next time we're out. I can see myself and Allan becoming a little competitive when we're Pole fishing, it makes it a little more exciting so you won't hear me complaining, until he starts to beat me that is. My catch of the session was a 1lb 4oz Eel, and another PB for me to add to my list.

The first haul off the new Pole

1lb 4oz Eel

Back to the Drain and looking for Tench:

Another early start for myself and I headed down to the Sluice to fish for Tench, I fished two method rods and I also fished the tip. I was inspired by a rig on the tip that a friend of mine had recently shown me, and I have to admit the results were very good. I caught a lot of Perch and when the fish were feeding it literally was a bite a chuck, the best catch of the lot was a cracking Ruffe of 3oz + I don't have any scales that measure in ounces so I guess I'll never know just how close I was to the UK record ;)

As for the Tench. I landed four in total, one of them though has to be the smallest Tench that I have ever landed, I wonder if this is one is from a recent stocking programme that was undertaken? I also caught a few Hybrids on the method.

3lb + Tench

Smallest Tench I've ever caught?
Not quite a new Ruffe record
Iphone photography madness+

Suddenly it's getting a little competitive:

Back to the canal and a chance for Al to have another session on the Pole. We fished from 8pm until dusk, not a long session by our standards, but two hours at the right time of the day is better than many hours at the wrong time of day.

It was literally a fish a chuck, and at the weigh in, Allan landed 18 fish to 1lb 10oz, but he was left scratching his head wondering how I'd managed to land 39 fish to 2lb 10oz. I can see that Allan is going to beat me soon, and it's only a matter of time - I have to confess though that I fished pretty hard and I shall continue doing so :)