Thursday, 10 June 2010

Still Tenching!

Once again, I'm finding myself behind on my blog posts, I'll grab this spare half hour that I have to catch up with reports and catches...

A session on the Canal on Saturday morning with Allan and a 4 am start was arranged. I chose to fish on the pole and if I'm honest with starting so early I expected a bumper session but by the time I packed up at 10.30am I'd only caught 20 fish, not too bad I suppose but they weren't really a very good stamp, apart from a token Bronze Bream of around 2 and a half pounds the rest of the net consisted of small Roach a couple of skimmers and 4 Eels.


To the next session which was another bash on the canal on the Pole. This time I fished from late afternoon until dusk. I caught 19 fish on this outing, the pick of the bunch was a decent sized Perch of around 12oz and a Bream of around three pounds which fell to the method.


Back to fishing for Tench with Johnny Panto, and a visit to the lake that holds Tench of decent proportions was to be our venue. We fished from 3pm until dark.

The fishing was a little slow and only really got going for me at dusk. Panto had caught a decent Bream and Tench early on in the day, but strangely his swim went quiet and he didn't catch another fish the whole session.

I fished both rods on the method and once again double hair rigged sweetcorn, this really has become my first approach in Tench fishing. I finished the session with 4 Tench, the biggest that I landed was 6lb and this is yet another PB Tench for me. This year I think I've broken my Tench PB around 4 times so far

Interestingly after uploading the photographs of my catches I noticed that all of the Tench that I caught yesterday were infact females, there is a theory about working out how big Tench can get to in a lake, apparently a female will grow to double the size of a male, so if you catch a male of say 5lb the females in the water could grow to 10lb's, so catching a male of 7lb's this will point the finger of producing a female at least 14lb's, now that is enough to whet any fisherman's appetite isn't it?

A tempting Pole swim if there ever was one

5lb + Tench

6 lb Tench, look at the size of the tail

Night feeders