Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Carpers, they're missing a trick

Bank Holiday Monday and this could mean only one thing, another excuse to go fishing. I opted for the...Hmmmmmm now what should I refer to this water as in future? OK got it, I'm going to refer to it as 'Hard Water' for it is just that, it's hardly a 'Runs Water' but like I've said before there are some specimen fish in residence so it's worth putting a little time on there.

I set out for Tench, one rod on ledger Sweetcorn and I also fished the tip. A few hours in and I was catching a few and I mean only a few Perch, the fishing was a little slow but my patience was rewarded when I caught sight of my tip rod arching around to the right, I lifted into the take and felt the weight of a Tench, and at 5lb 2oz this was my biggest from this water so far.

An hour or so later and my alarm was screeching from the sound of another Tench that had stumbled upon my ledgered sweetcorn offerings, a bit smaller this time though the scales indicating 3lb 10oz. It wasn't until dusk and a change in tactics until my next and last Tench of the session, I switched my tip rod from single maggot to the method and corn, a good idea as around 20 minutes later my tip rod was nearly ripped out of the rod rest , a Tench of 4lb 13oz had hooked itself on my hair rig. What a fight this one put up, these are the moments that I go fishing for.

I keep saying this and I'll say it again, pound for pound and on the right gear the fight you get off a Tench is absolutely fabulous, I hear many a Carper cursing their luck from catching Tench and indeed even referring to them as nuisance fish. In my eyes they're missing a trick, and long they continue doing so.

A Canada Goose and her Goslings
Tench 5lb 2oz male

3lb 10oz4lb 13oz

Kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the view