Thursday, 25 February 2010

The day I learn't about the red pen

I made my way to the Canal this morning, I intended to cover a lot of water so once again I travelled light. I was around an hour into my session when I was joined by the ever enthusiastic Allan.

We moved swims every half hour or so, but with little reward, the fishing was very slow today. I did eventually catch, another Jack to add to my tally. Alas Allan was deprived of any excitement or rod bending action and at one point he did say to me "Don't tell me that I'm going to have to use the red pen Matt" he went on to explain that he keeps a little diary of his fishing exploits at home and if he doesn't catch he marks the word BLANKED in red ink. I found this rather amusing and I will be asking about the ink levels in that pen from now on.

Noticeably the temperature was a little warmer today and the water was alive with fish crashing and slapping on the surface, a sight that I haven't been treated to since last Autumn. Towards the end of the day I spotted that the bankside was playing host to a large amount of midges, surely a sign that spring on it's way.

Another Jack/Blank saver