Thursday, 18 February 2010

Allan's Cracker!

I made my way to a local stretch of water this morning. I was about minding my own business when I caught sight of another Piker heading my way "Who's this now?!" I thought. There's miles of water for you to fish - why are you heading towards me? As the figure got closer I realised that in fact it was Allan, he had a day off work and made a surprise visit. I'll let him off I suppose :) He went about setting up and joined me for a day on the bank. Allan then did the unthinkable...

He went and caught (Poached) a decent fish from right under my nose. I could tell by the bend in his rod and the fact that the fish was demanding more line that he was in to a good lump. She was duly netted and soon placed in the weigh sling ,the needled revealed that she was 11lb 12oz. OK not the biggest of Pike I grant you, but from the water this was caught on this is a pretty special fish. Allan was made up, as despite a few sessions Piking of late he was not to be rewarded with any captures.

As for me, despite my best efforts, which included leapfrogging and trying several swims - I only had one take, and during a in a tug of war with my bait, I ended up on the losing side. Nevermind! - You can't win them all, and if I'm honest Al really deserved that fish.

To quote Allan "I don't catch many fish Matt but when I do catch - they're always the big ones"

Al's Double - 11lb 12 oz