Monday, 8 February 2010

A new PB from the canal

I had to take my van for an MOT today, whilst it's being sorted out, I thought it sounded like a good excuse to go fishing, as it's not too far from the Leeds Liverpool canal, I decided to have a session on there.

I fished two Pike rods on deadbaits and I fished on my float rod for any passing bits. (I needn't have bothered as once again catching any such fish became an impossible task) JP made an appearence and set about giving me a masterclass in winter pole fishing, needless to say he blanked :)

Soon enough I caught site of one of my Pike floats, it was heading towards me - a take - I was in! I wound down to the fish and was surprised to feel a bit of a lump on the end and by canal standards I was rather pleased to see the scales tip at 9lb, and a new canal pb too boot, not quite the double I've been after, but you'll hear no grumbling from me with this catch.

We were joined by Allan in the afternoon, who tried his luck for Perch by fishing on the tip, once again the fishing was hard and he didn't get so much as a bite.

I stayed until sunset but the Pike I'd caught earlier in the day was to be my only fish

9lb Canal PB