Sunday, 7 February 2010

Difficult conditions - JP saves the day!

Sunrise on the Sluice

The first drain Pike of the year

The drains are still not fishing very well. Several attempts by myself lately have yet to produce any fish. I'm blaming the current run of bad luck down to coloured water. It's still a very yucky brown - and not too far off the colour of chocolate. Nevertheless I still decided to give them a go today. I chose to leapfrog rather than stay static, the idea was to drop on to fish.

It didn't happen and a certain blank was on the cards but thankfully after meeting up with JP he came up with an inspirational idea which in turn resulted in my first drain fish of the year.

No records were to be broken with this one though as it was only around the 5lb mark. Who cares! As quite frankly it was good just to have a fish on the bank. Looking back on last years fishing at this time of year I was about to enter into a red letter period, lets hope the same happens again over the next few weeks....