Monday, 22 February 2010

My turn to land a big girl

Another cold night put a good layer of frost and ice on the ground, I drove down to the Sluice to check to see if it was frozen over, it was. So I headed to a different water and I was happy to see that the stretch I wanted to fish was clear of ice.

Once again I travelled light and moved swims every half hour or so. I had my first take within 30 minutes of setting up but this ended in a dropped run, soon after whilst I reeling my line in with the intention of another move I felt a Pike slam into my bait - it missed! I recast to the spot and it hit it again, I saw the fish in question and I think it saw me as it let go of the bait and swam for freedom.

I moved to a different area and I was into a Pike within 20 seconds of casting in, I must have dropped the bait on it's nose, the result was a cracking Jack Pike of 6lb's or so. Around 20 minutes later I was in again and another Jack though a little bigger put up a bit of a fight. There is in my opinion no greater a sight than watching your pike float bob and start to drift away, it's at that moment that you wonder what lies beneath and what fight awaits you.

Several swims later remained Pikeless, I was contemplating another move when I caught sight of my far float twitching, and to think that I was about to move it, this Pike wasn't messing about, it had my bait and it wanted to keep it, the float was under and out of sight, I tightened up onto the take and felt a good solid Pike on the end, I knew instantly that I was into a good fish perhaps one of the bigger fish off this venue? She stayed deep and put up a great fight, I was delighted to see her slip into the net, and then it hit me. I'd caught the same fish that Allan had caught only four days earlier, it would appear that I was indeed destined to catch this fish, it's a pity though - as to think of another double in this area would have been brilliant.

The Reuben Heatons confirmed that she tipped the scales at 11lb 8oz interestingly that's a difference of 4oz from Thursday, could be either a discrepancy in the weighing or that she'd had a little snack before Allan caught her the other day? I wasn't for arguing over 4 oz. I took a couple of pictures and watched her glide back into the water, presumably off to sulk and curse her rotten luck at once again ending up on the bank side. There's one thing for sure she left behind a happy little Piker

Giving Kerwin a run for his money with the daft hat

Another Jack but the same daft hatCatch of the day