Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Plenty of Roach and 6 Jacks

Water Temperature : 7.7 c
Air Temperature : 4.7 c

I fished the canal today, and I decided it was time to dust the pole off and try my hand at catching some Roach. I was rods in by around 8.30am. I fished 3mm bread punch over a little amount of bread crumb, the results were rather pleasing as I caught my first fish within around 25 seconds of putting my bait in, the bites were constant - finally slowing down at around 10.30 in the morning. I caught around 20 Roach in total.

I also fished two Pike rods in the morning, which produced 3 Jacks for my troubles. The temptation to move about and try different swims proved too great for me to refuse, so away went the Pole and I concentrated on the Pike fishing for the rest of the afternoon. Another 3 Jacks added to my total bringing the days tally to 6, no big fish and the biggest of the bunch was around 6 and a half pounds, and the highlight of the session was catching two Pike at the same time, I was watching one float when I glanced at the other and watched it promptly disappear into the murky depths.

I enjoyed myself today, the Pole fishing kept me busy and the Pike fishing provided me with some good sport, the temperatures are now rising and according to my new gadget a 'Reuben Heaton thermometer' the water was warmer by 3 Celsius than the air temperature. I will be recording and documenting the water temp for my blog from today onwards.

A rather amusing self take

Best of the Jacks
Double Whammy!
Water Temperature
Air Temperature