Friday, 15 May 2009

I'm not fishing in that rain

Thursday: I wasn't going to bother fishing today, my umbrella is broken and the forecast was scattered showers, I'll give it a miss then I thought. That was until Phil sent me a text telling me that he was heading for Sollom for a few hours after work, and was I up for it? Well how could I say no, fishing is a drug and I'm addicted, Phil was to be my dealer for the day and I was about to get my next hit, and a few drops of rain wasn't going to stop me. I of course got a good old soaking, but I had a few fish for my troubles, around a dozen or so, including a few Skimmers and a stunning little Rudd, oh and the now customary Eel of the session. I'd rather fish in Rain than Wind any day. Note to self.............. Go and buy a new umbrella!