Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A few sessions at Sollom

I've had a few sessions on the Canal of late, none of the sessions have been very productive, I have fished on the pole and also ledgered on the bottom as well as fishing on the tip. I did get a few decent Bream while ledgering tight under a tree, and this Saturday just gone I had a net of 45 fish, a mixed bag of everything, the pick of the bunch being a nice Rudd and a decent sized Eel of around 2lb's. Yesterday I had a few hours late on, I decided to try something different, I made a couple of hair rigs and used sweetcorn as bait. Alas I didn't manage to tempt any fish off, I just had the odd bite off a few smaller fish. I did purchase my new umbrella, and I'm very pleased with the quality, a Greys G TEC with side windows, perfect for spotting cruising boats that are sneaking up on me.

Decent sized Eel

Mixed Bag