Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Good session on The Sluice

I headed down to Sixfields with Ben for a session on the Lures. (I say Lures but I was mostly casting Spoons) The weather was looking very grim but the rain held off the whole time we were there. Ben was the first to hook into a Pike, a Jack of around 4lb's I hooked into a fish around 2 minutes later. And much to my surprise it wasn't a Pike. I'd hooked into a faboulous looking Perch of around a pound or so in weight. This is only the second Lure caught Perch I have ever landed. An amazing statistic when you think about how many times I have been Piking and how many casts I must have made. More interestingly I caught my first Lure caught Perch on my first ever Lure session. Ben caught a decent Pike of around 6lb's with practically his first cast on a Spring Dawg Lure. Moments earlier he'd claimed that they never seem to do too well on The Sluice. ;-) I caught a couple more small Jacks and I mean small Jacks. I also lost a decent size Pike that managed to shake my Spoon whilst tail walking. By all accounts a good nights fishing, and more importantly has fed my hunger for some more Lure sessions, because of my coarse fishing they have taken a back burner of late.

Fabulous Perch caught on a Williams Spoon