Sunday, 10 August 2008

2 Carp Each and a heck of a lot of rain

My alarm was set at a shocking time of 3.45am. I'd arranged to pick Ben up at 4.45am. Our destination was to be one of our local reservoirs and our quarry was to be Carp. The weather was given to be absolutely terrible, we were not to be disappointed. It chucked it down for most of the day, thankfully due to our early arrival we were able to set up and be rods in before the rain arrived. I wasn't to be kept waiting for my first run. My first fish was on the bank and posing reluctantly for photographs within 15 minutes of my first cast, a Mirror Carp of around 8lb. Were we going to be in for some non stop action all day? Well not quite, a couple of hours later I caught another Carp of around the same size. I'd fallen asleep and was woken by Ben shouting "You're in! You're in!" I scrambled out of my Stealth Brolly and ran off towards my rods, being rather sleepy I wasn't too good on my feet, and I eventually lost my balance and fell over, a grazed leg for my troubles and to add insult to my injury, I lost the fish as it managed to shake free whilst I was playing it. As for Ben he had quite a good day in the office, as he finally managed to break his duck on this particular water. His first fish was the biggest fish of the day, a Mirror Carp of 9lb 12oz, another Carp of around 8lb's was to be his second and last fish of the day. Not a bad days fishing considering the awful weather we had. The highlight of the session had to be the Full English breakfast that Ben cooked up. Good man!

Typical View, note the rain
It's no monster bit it's a quick catch Ben finally catches on this water

Another Carp around the 8lb mark for me