Sunday, 17 August 2008

Red Letter Day (For Ben) Good Session For Me

After much discussions with Ben as to where to fish this week, we decided to apply for night passes that will enable us to fish this water 24/7. This was a great investment for £48 pounds per year. I arrived on Friday at around 21.30 and was rods in for around 22.00. Ben was into the first fish, the second fish and indeed the third fish. My first run came just before 3 O'clock in the morning. I was awaken by the sound of my last hand rod screaming into action. I was up as quick as a flash, I scrambled down the embankment and promptly fell into the water knocking over my rod pod and rods in the process. I'm not too good on my feet when I'm tired. I played the fish with my pants around my ankles, they'd fallen down during my fall. I landed the fish and tried (unsuccessfully) to wake Ben. Alas there is no trophy photograph of me with my prize catch, a Common Carp of 13lb 4oz. Amazingly by the time I was just getting back into my sleeping bag, one of Ben's alarms was screaming off, I ran to his bivvy to wake him up, much to my surprise he was up on his feet already playing his fish. I ripped into him all day about that (Selective hearing) I nipped to the shop at around 12ish as I'd forgotten to bring a knife, fork and plate for our bankside fry up ;-) Whilst I was away he struck into a decent sized fish, which turned out to be his new PB of 14lb 6oz. After 6 or 7 hours without us so much as getting a bleep, Ben's alarm signalled another feeding spell. In just one hour he clocked up 4 fish to his tally. Today was to be Ben's day. He broke his PB 4 times, catching 7 Doubles and a total of 11 fish. As for me, my heaviest fish of the day was 13lb 4oz and I caught 6 in total. 17 fish between us made for a very good session indeed
Ben's first catch of the session
Typical stamp of fish for this water
Ben's new PB Carp 14.06 oz
I'll have a photo with me with this one mate
Oh no you won't!
My best fish of the session 13lb 4oz
8lb 12oz Mirror