Tuesday, 26 August 2008

What a difference a week makes

Sunday Night

I met Ben at our favoured Carp water at around 8.30pm. We had arranged another night session. After our previous success of 17 fish between us 11 for Ben and 6 for me, expectations were high. I was rods in by around 9.00pm. Ben arriving a little earlier around 6.30pm was already fishing. We settled down for the night after midnight. Neither of us received a run in the night. I was quite surprised by this, as I was sure we would get some action. The conditions seemed good. Slightly overcast and a light breeze gave the water a ripple which lapped the banks that we were fishing. Hours came and past and despite our efforts, we struggled to get so much as a beep on the alarms. An afternoon nap was in order to settle our stomachs after our traditional bank side fry up. I awoke around 4.45pm to see Ben starting to pack up. I was going to stay until the edge of dark, but with the threat of rain I decided to call it a day too. I was folding away my chair when wouldn't you believe it my right hand rod screamed off. I was in! I struck into it and was greeted by a lump at the other end. A little battle ensued but was swiftly dealt with. A Common Carp of 10lb's was in the net. A blank was saved! That was it, I had to stay I couldn't pack up now as maybe they had got their heads down and were feeding. Ben stuck to his plan and managed to tear himself away. I received one more run a couple of hours later. I was guilty of striking a little early and fluffed the run. I finally called it a day and packed up just after 10.00pm A lesson was learned for us both on this session. Just when you think you have the right tactics and you have cracked a water. We Haven't!!! However it is this reason that keeps you going back to the bank time and time again.

Common Carp 10lb and a Blank Saver