Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The day I out fished a Piking legend (Technically)

The drains were still coloured up and pumping quite hard, so I decided to head on to the Leeds Liverpool canal. I spoke with Gord and he said he'd like to join me. Those of you that know Gord will be aware that he is pretty good value for laughs and stories, the detail that he goes in to when he regales his piking adventures from the past make great entertainment, So this in mind I was probably in for a good day's fishing.

We arrived at out spot just after daybreak, and within the first 10 minutes of setting up Gord was in to the first bit of action of the day. Judging by the bend in his rod I was expecting to see a small Jack Pike, I was rather surprised when through the splashing and swirling of the water a clonking Perch of 2lb's was revealed. A cracking fish! (Photo taken on Gord's camera will obtain soon)

The next fish on the bank fell to one of my rod's, a Jack Pike of around 2lb's wasn't going to break any records.

A couple of hours passed and I was in again, a slightly bigger Jack of - maybe if I was lucky just over 3lb. I was catching fish though so that's all that matters.

We arranged to meet Jonny Panto, so we packed up and moved to a different stretch of the canal. Within around 5 minutes of us joining The Panto - he was in... A better fish of between 6 and 7lb had taken a Sardine

So in summary... I have as yet to land a canal double. I shall though - albeit tongue in cheek consider today the day that I out fished the Piking legend that is known as 'Gord Burton' although he may not have caught any Pike I have to admit I'd swap 1000 Jacks to have landed his Perch.

Lets just say the fishing in the afternoon went a little slow, well we had to amuse ourselves somehow :)

My moment of humiliation........

After placing my hand in the bait bucket and proclaiming "Feck me this water is bloody cold" Gord in an act of machismo proceded to sit with his hand in the bucket for a good 10 minutes.

My near fatal heart attack.........

We were on our journey home discussing Piking matters when suddenly Gord shouted "STOP! STOP! STOP! STOPPPPPPPPPPP!" Well I bloody shit myself, "WHAT?" I said half scared to death, "What's wrong?" He'd spotted a road kill Pheasant on the side of the road, "I'm not letting that go to waste" He said.

Panto gets to grips with Gord
Gord's in trouble!
Buff! Panto delivers a devastating blow!
Gord's nose crumples from the power of the hit!
Another hit, he's done him again!
With body shots too quick for the human eye
Gord is victorious
A little hand warming
The Road Kill