Saturday, 14 November 2009

A sore loser me? Never!

A day on the reservoir with Al was arranged, we arrived at dawn and quickly got about setting up. If the weather forecast was anything to go by we were in for a right battering today. And a battering we got, heavy gusts and rain to match made for a day fit for only the keenest (maddest) anglers. Johnny Panto and one of his fishing buddies had also decided to fish the reservoir today, but rather than make the place cramped they headed for the opposite bank.

It's at this point that I'd like to continue the fishing report with some tales of my landing some excellent Pike........My bait runners stripping line so fast that there was steam coming off them. My line singing a chilling tune as I played the fish in the hurricane like winds. I'd like to say that my rod was bent over double - crippled by the weight of a huge Leviathan as we jostled with each other, each wishing to be the victor in our battle.

In reality though I blanked! Allan though fared a little better, landing a lovely condition Pike of bang on 10lb's.. (I hate you Al) :)

And that was the only action that we had all day. Panto and his mate on the other hand did a lot better. Landing Pike to 16lb. (I hate you Panto) :)