Thursday, 12 November 2009

Back on the drains

It took me ages to decide where to go fishing today, do I head back to the canal or chance my luck back on the drains? After much deliberation with Panto I decided on the latter.

The conditions were not favourable, the water was the colour of chocolate, and there was still a good tow on the water. I laid my baits on the bottom but after a couple of hours staring at motionless floats I got to thinking that a different approach maybe called for.

I changed my rigs over to a paternoster and fished my baits suspended in the water.

This did the trick as within half an hour of doing so I was in to my first Pike of the day. A good fish of around 9lb possibly a scraper double was giving a good account of itself. Sadly this was yet another fish with a torn mandible, I'm not sure as to how these fish are ending up like this. It's possible that a wire trace was left in it's mouth at sometime. I'll have to put it down to some bad angling by other anglers. We all though I appreciate have to start somewhere. The best advice I can give to budding Pikers is to find somebody that you know that is experienced and ask to go with them.

Soon after the same rod from the same spot was in again. This time a rooting Jack Pike of around 4lb's had fallen for the old suspended bait trick.

Panto who without catching today earned the title 'Jonny Blanko' was wise enough to make his escape before the heavens opened. I on the other hand got a good old soaking. I have as yet to master the art of packing up before the weather sets in. I'm afraid that my mantra of "Just 5 more minutes" is often my downfall