Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Jack from Sollom

The weather today was typical of the weather that we have endured for the best part of November so far.... Crap! More rain and more high winds expected. The weather is absolutely killing the fishing, the drains are still pumping and are perhaps more suited for sailing than fishing of late.

I looked out the window this morning and was greeted by a rather dismal sight. I sulked my way downstairs grabbed a bowl of Shreddies and proceeded to put SKY channel 242 on. It was 'Lake Escapes' and would you believe it!? It was the episode where Matt Hayes was fishing with Gordie on Windermere. They were happily landing some mid double fish when - in an instant I paused what they were doing, switched the TV off, grabbed my gear and went fishing. To me watching fishing programmes is a little like watching porn, it's not too long before I'm excited and wanting to have a bash myself. I trust you get the analogy!

I decided to have a bash on the canal at Sollom. It would seem I wasn't the only person with this idea as Paddy was also there trying to winkle a Pike off the same section I had headed to.

It was a pretty quiet session though. I fished one rod on a suspended dead bait and I fished another bait hard on the bottom. Both baits didn't get any interest until I was just packing up. A Pike of around 5 or 6lb had taken the bait off the bottom. Thanks to Al who'd popped down for a chat for the photo.

Piker Sniper