Saturday, 25 July 2009

Upper Rivington and a trip to the Ribble

Myself and Alan had spoken of a change of scenery, so instead of heading for the Sluice we had a day at Upper Rivington reservoir. I fished on the tip and I also baited up my other rod on double sweetcorn. It was pretty much a fish a chuck on the tip, I caught a lot of skimmer Bream, and the odd Roach and Perch. My sweetcorn rod produced a couple of decent Roach of around 6 to 8oz. A good session, but no fish of any size. I'll be heading back to this water to target Pike in the next month or so.

A trip to the Ribble.....
Justify Full
Ben, Alan and I arranged a night session on the Ribble, our target species was to be Barbel. Ben was the first to catch, a decent sized hard fighting Barbel of 8 and a half pounds, I was getting ready to land it for him, when Al's bait runner was clicking away signalling another take, it would seem that I was to be playing ghillie as I also netted Al's first ever Barbel, weighing in at bang on 6lb, a good start to Al's Barbel career. I though was to be kept waiting for around 4 hours for my fish, it was nearly half two in the morning and we were on the verge of packing up when thankfully my left hand rod was away, justice was done as I too landed a nice Barbel of 6 lb. This is also my new Barbel PB, beating my previous PB by 4oz. A good days fishing then, although a rather long one, as I'd been up for 23 hours before I got to bed. Now is that dedication or stupidity? I'll let you decide!

Ben looking pleased with his 8lb 8oz fish
Alan's first ever Barbel at 6lbI had to wait a while for this 6lb beauty