Monday, 20 July 2009

A night of if's, but's, maybe's, and finally's

A rather interesting nights fishing, I guess that's how you could describe it. I met Alan at the Sluice and once again we were to target Tench. I fished worm and hair rigged corn. The worm unsurprisingly produced quite a few Perch and also a Tench of around 2 and a half pounds, not the hardest fighting of fish, I was actually surprised to see it was Tench. Soon enough Alan was into a good fish, I caught a glimpse of it as it flashed near the surface, a decent Tench easy 4lb + and for sure this was going to be Al's new Tench PB. When disaster happened, his hook length snapped. He was gutted! The air went blue and I can still see his rod flying through the air as he struggled to contain his emotion. I had a decent take on my worm rod, I struck into it, not a big fish, and I went about my business in bringing it to the net, when Whammo! A Pike had seen my fish struggling and hit it with some serious force. Let me tell you that it is a fantastic feeling playing a Pike on a 2oz tip. I had it on for a couple of minutes, I didn't have much hope of landing it as I knew that it would be only a matter of time before the Pike would realise that if it let go of my fish then it would be free, My heart was pounding for ages afterwards, what an adrenaline rush. Dark was fast appraoching and packing up was on my mind when something had taken a liking to my hair rigged double sweetcorn, I was into a decent fish and I had to give it line as it was making it's way quick smart to the other reed bed. A lovely coloured Tench and a new PB for the season, and at bang on 4lb I'd just about broken the 4lb barrier for the first time this season.

First 4lb Tench of the season, look at the size of it's tail