Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Esox Calling and a trip to the Yarrow

As the weather today was more akin to autumnal day and with the Pike that attacked my fish the other day still well on my mind, I just couldn't resist in taking my Pike rod down to the Sluice. I fished from around 7.30am until 3.00pm. I had a decent take on Pike rod, I struck into the fish and felt a hefty weight, when damn it! I ended up pulling out of it. Upon inspection my bait had gotten tangled around the rotten bottom thus not enabling to set the hooks. I had better luck on my tip rod, a few skimmers, Perch and some tiny Roach kept me entertained. I also had two Tench, the second of which put up such a good fight that I thought perhaps I was into a Carp.

Sneaky trip to the River Yarrow..............

I had a couple of hours spare this afternoon, so I put them to good use by heading down to the River Yarrow. I made my way to a swim which I fished a couple of times last year, the swim was very overgrown, and if I was a betting man, I'd wager that I was the last person to fish there. I hacked my way through the foliage with my bank stick, and made good an area to fish. I fished on the tip and used worm as bait. I had a Chublet of around 8 oz on my first cast, aside from a few nibbles here and there, this was to be the only fish of my quick session.