Wednesday, 10 March 2010

In search of the Perch

Now that the days have become a little milder I have decided to turn my attentions away from Pike and target Perch instead. Is there any greater sight than a big Perch?

I have scaled down from my Piking rods and set up using my Greys Barbel rods, the test curve on these rods is only 1.5lb, and I have also stepped down my main line to 6lb, perfect then for the task in mind.

I also fished on the pole for bits today and bagged around 30 or so Roach for my troubles. My Perch rods were very busy and I was often out of my seat after catching sight of my float shooting under. I landed six fish in total, alas all the fish that I caught were Pike, the biggest being around 5lb's. There's one thing for sure you get a great fight from old Esox on these light rods, so much so that from now on when fishing this venue I'll be leaving my Pike rods at home. You may win today my stripey friend, but there is always tomorrow!

One of the Jacks