Thursday, 4 March 2010

24 Hours later..........

I arranged to have a days Piking with Paddy. We set off to the Leeds Liverpool canal but upon our arrival I Immediately spotted that there was a Problem... The covering of Ice that had formed over night I could deal with, as there was water free from ice. But in the sky there was a strange glowing sphere, I'm reliably informed that it's called a sun, those of you that aren't too sure what I'm on about can read the wikipedia entry here

The glare of the sun rendered fishing on the Pole useless, I had no baseball cap and the floats that I had were just not up to the job. A decision to pack up and head to another venue was made within the hour.

With the sun on my back I settled into my fishing, the bites on the Pole were a lot slower than the day before. I did manage to catch around 10 fish or so, the best of the bunch being a Rudd.

My Pike rod snared me four Jack Pike to 4lb's , I've had my fair share of these over the last 2 days, perhaps next week I'll concentrate on landing a couple of bigger fish. The the catch of the day fell to Paddy, who landed a cracking Pike of around 7lb's.

So the decision to move venues was seemingly a good one and the saying 'Fail to prepare - prepare to fail' springs to my mind!

The Jack Master!
Paddy's Pike