Friday, 13 March 2009

Extra Time In The Pike League

Ben caught a fish....The End! Is how I'd like to have written this diary entry, however I suppose I'd better add a little more detail. Ben decided to join me on my last day of the season session, it seemed a good idea at the time, until he caught a fish of 10lb and as I blanked he managed to knock off 10 points on the league. The only Pike that I had on the bank was the result of a bizarre incident. My float was away and under, Mint! I thought! I'm In! And indeed I was in, in for a shock that is, I struck into the take, then I was greeted by a dead Pike that, aided by the tow in the water happened to snag my line, I even managed to hook the pike in it's fin, the Pike was around 8/9lb's. I tried to claim the points, but Ben wasn't having any of it. Damn! :(