Friday, 20 March 2009

Behind Rufford Old Hall

Rufford: Fished my whip, struggled to catch at first, had the odd Skimmer and Roach, I did end up catching a lot of Roach though when I fished up in the water rather than an inch or two over depth. There was a bloke fishing next to me, he had around 2 or 3 fish the whole day. If you're fishing the canal, I recommend that you scale down you approach, I fish a 22's size hook, to 1 and a half pound bottom, shotted down with size 8 shot. I'm fishing punch bread, and feed loose liquidised bread over the top. I roll my bread with a rolling pin and keep it in a sandwich bag during the session to keep it from drying out. Usually I fish a couple of inches over depth or like to day up in the water by a foot or so.