Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A change of scenery

A lot of rain had been put down over the last day or two, this put me off going to the Sluice, incase it had coloured up. So for a change I headed over to the canal at Sollom. Now the River fishing season will be coming to an end on the 15th March, so I'll be having a bit of a campaign on there. This water is not known to hold big fish, and contains quite a few Jack Pike, so why bother? Well I am constantly bothered by stories of bigger fish turning up, I've heard of 18's 17's 12's and 10's. To date I have never caught a double out of any canal, so this is a target I have set for myself between close season and May 1st. Today's session was pretty bleak, although I awoke to snow, this soon cleared, and the weather held out for the whole day. I fished one Deadbait rod and I also fished on my whip, amazingly I had one fish all day, and that was a small Roach, I just couldn't get a bite. My Deadbait rod did get some action though and the float was well under and away, but there was a problem, when it picked up it's little snack it decided to head into the reed bed, this posed a problem, fearing that it may get snagged in there I was forced to strike a little earlier than I'd have liked, I struck into the fish, which I noticed was a decent size, enough for me to open the clutch and give it line. Sadly though whilst playing the Pike it managed to shake free from the hooks. Damn! It proves one thing to me though, there are Pike worth targeting in this section, and I'm looking forward to my canal sessions

Canal at sollom looking Pikey