Sunday, 20 July 2008

Windy session on the canal


Although the weather was very windy and overcast, I still made my way down to Sollom for a few hours. I was lucky that the rain held off all day. I fished on my float rod and It made casting pretty difficult. I ended up in the tree opposite a couple of times. Rash came down for a few hours. In total I had 33 fish, mostly small Roach and the odd Perch and Skimmer.


Had a recce with Ben on some stretches of the River Yarrow that I have yet to fish. Ben suggested that we head down to The River Darwen. We set up our tip rods and fished on maggot feeders. We managed to get a couple of bites and were robbed of our maggots a couple of times. We didn't stay there too long and after a few hours made our way down to The Yarrow. A couple of hours down there produced no fish for me, Ben managed to catch an Eel ;-)