Monday, 7 July 2008

First Pole session of the year

I finally got around to digging all my Pole gear out. At around 3.00pm I headed down to Sollom to get reacquainted with an old friend. It's around a year since I last used it. The bites were slow at first, and when they did finally come, my swim was disturbed by a constant stream of Narrowboats. They had all passed by around 6 ish though. I was getting a bite a chuck after this, but I was struggling to hit the bites. That was until I changed my technique. Instead of lifting into the bites, I started to strike to the side. The result was amazing. Instead of a bite a chuck I was getting a fish a chuck. I caught a lot of Roach. I'll take comfort from the fact that there is a saying in fishing. "If you're catching Roach then you're doing something right" This is because they're rather tackle shy. In total I caught 23 fish. I can't wait to have another go.

Not a bad mix of fish