Sunday, 27 July 2008

Night session on the River Ribble

A night session on the Ribble was on the menu for today's fishing. Myself Ben and Chris headed to a cracking spot on the Ribble. The peg was a bit of a trek to get to, but was well worth it. We were rods in by around 10.30pm. Ben was into the first fish of the night. A cracking Chub of around 3 and a half pounds a couple more Chub followed, until a screaming run on his left hand rod signaled the first Barbel of the night. His was into some serious rod bending action, when disaster struck, somehow during the fight the hook pulled free. He was gutted, it would seem that he had lost a decent size fish. I was soon to receive my first River Ribble Barbel action myself. My left hand rod was bent over and I could feel the weight of a decent size Barbel. It weighed 5lb 12oz. Not the biggest specimen in the river but a cracking fish all the same. At around 6am Ben's alarm screamed into action again. He was into another Barbel, after being pulled all over the river his line went tight, he'd been taken into a snag. He weighed up the situation and decided to wade in after it. This decision paid off, as he landed the biggest Barbel of the session at 6lb 2oz. He deserved it, good fishing mate. In total I had one fish, Ben had four, and Chris unfortunately blanked on this occasion. We packed up at around 7am A cracking nights fishing and a great laugh.

5lb 12oz My first River Barbel3lb 7oz Chub for Ben

Best Barbel of the session at 6lb 2oz