Monday, 14 July 2008

Sluice is still not producing the goods

I arrived at Sixfields for a session on my float rod. I was to find out soon enough that the sluice is still not fishing at it's best. In just over 3 hours I caught only one fish. There were Tench bubbling all over the place in my swim, but they didn't seem to want my hookbaits. I packed up and headed over to the canal again. I was rods in by around 6pm and stayed until 9ish. In this time I managed to land 26 fish, 25 Roach and 1 Skimmer Bream. Sollom is fishing really well at the moment. Rash also fished and caught 10 fish. My pupil is doing well and is starting to catch fish ;-) I quite fancy having a bash on the River Douglas as this is quite close to where I live. Some cracking Chub in there I hear. I'll try and have a go in the next week or so