Monday, 24 March 2008

Rosemary Wood First Visit

My First visit to Rosemary Wood Fishery. This place has some Pro's and Con's. It is the most expensive day ticket water I have been to, priced at £8 for two rods I found this way too expensive. The water is not that special and is not that big. On the plus side you can park right up to your peg that you're fishing, which was very handy today as it was blowing a very bitter northerly wind and also the odd shower. There are apparently Carp to 28lb and Pike to 20+ Around 12 O'clock Ben came down and chucked out a Pike rod, he never got a touch on it the 4 hours he was there. In total I had 4 Carp, 7lb 4oz, 6lb 3oz and 2 at around 5lb. All caught on the same bait. Pepperami and plastic corn. It's worth a mention that there were some Carpers on the opposite bank, one of them came over for a chat and he told me they had been there since the day before and hadn't had a bite. They must be doing something wrong ;0) I packed up at around 7.30 well into the dark. my last 2 fish came just as the sun was setting.