Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A great day at Hurlston Hall

Controversial Personal BestLast knockings
3lb 7oz Tench for Beef
Beef gets Chubby

Hurlston Hall was the venue for the day today, after Beefs last success here, it was going to be difficult to get him to go anywhere else. It was literally a race to the good pegs today as it's half term in some areas. We managed to grab the pegs which we wanted, but I did have to run for it. The place was very busy, much too busy for my liking. The first fish of the day came to Beef, a Chub of around 2lb 7oz. The second fish also came to Beef, a nice Tench of around 3lb 7oz. It looked like I was going to be in for one of those days. However things were about to get rather interesting. There were a couple of young lads fishing to our left, they had been making a nuisance of themselves for most of the day. They were bombarding the ducks and other wildlife with boilies. At around 17.30 they decided to have a wonder around the lake. They were completely out of sight when one of their rods had a blistering run. Unbelievably they had left all of their rods baited up and in the water. I ran over and struck into the fish. Beef soon followed and he found their landing net, not long after I landed a Common Carp weighing 10lb 2oz. The lads came running back "You're too late lads" I said. They looked absolutely gutted. There is a lesson to be learnt here, and that is to never leave your rods in the water unattended. My dilemma here though is whether or not to claim this catch as my new PB? A few minutes later I landed another Common Carp from my own peg, weighing in at just 6lb 6oz. I later pointed out to Beef that I had clutched victory from the jaws of defeat, as although Beef caught 2 fish today he didn't catch any Carp. After all we were Carping mate not Chubbing or Tenching. You're only as good as your last catch. ;-)