Sunday, 9 March 2008

Another Double on the bank ;-)

First catch -10lb 7ozSecond catch- 7lb 8oz

The Weather report for today was terrible. It said that a big band of rain and high winds were on their way, and would hit our area around dinner time. Well after weighing up my options I decided to risk it and go Pikeing on the sluice. This time it paid off as it wasn't that windy and the rain held off all day. According to the moon phase today would be good for fishing. And it was right, although my first bite took a long time to come it was worth it. A decent Pike 0f 10lb 7oz and a very good fight, it didn't want to come in, a lot of line was pulled off my reel as it tried to swim to safety. It made a second run when it saw my net, and tail walked as it tried to shake the hooks. Managed to net a second fish weighing in at 7lb 8oz. Spent a lot of the day talking to fellow Piker Danny, who despite having 3 rods out blanked today, Gord Burton turned up later on and told us loads of Pikeing stories, he stayed for about 2 hours. Today could possibly be the last trip of the season as it closes on the 15th March. Although Thursday and Friday are given as good moon phases next week, so I'll see what the weather does over the coming days.