Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Pike on a Bike

I've dusted down the mountain bike pumped up it's tyre's, and decided to put it to good use. Throughout the spring months I will head down to the canal and I will call this practice 'Pike on a bike' it will be my humble attempt at getting myself a bit fitter. So I packed my lure gear on to my bike and positioned my rod so that I could manage to cycle safely, and I headed off to the Canal at Sollom. It took me around 15 minutes to get there, and I was soon fishing, well casting. I covered quite a stretch of the water but I wasn't to be treated to any Pike or indeed Perch. I decided in my infinite wisdom to head home the long way. Needless to say by the time that I got home I was completely knackered. I over did it a little bit, not only was it the first time out on my bike in the last three years I was also foolish enough to head out without any liquids to quench my thirst. I was a little dehydrated to say the least Note to self next time pack a bottle of water!