Sunday, 25 January 2009

First Pike league Match Of The Year

Well today was to be our first and very long over due Pike match of the year. The weather conditions that we have had so far this year have been dreadful. We settled on a different stretch of the Sluice today, as there was a match on the pegs we were going to fish. Well in a nutshell the fishing was slow, but damn that Ben! He managed to sneak some points on the board by landing himself a 5lb and 7lb Pike. Note to self! Don't let him grab the best swim next time. It was though pretty obvious that he was going to catch. The swim that he chose is positioned right on the edge of a reed bed and an inlet. In the interest of fair play that's my peg next time Benny Boy! By my obvious grumpy tone, you can tell that I didn't catch today, and apart from a Pike of only a few ounces that I caught when on the canal with Gordie a couple of weeks previously I have as yet not landed a Pike this year. Terrible behaviour :-(