Friday, 17 June 2011

The opening day

It was here. June 16th and the opening day of the river season. Myself, Allan and Panto headed to the drains. An early start was in order and arriving at our pegs at day break ensured a full days fishing.

The fishing started well. I was into a Bream with 2 minutes of casting. A good sign for things to come? Well actually no it wasn't. The opening day for me was absolutely dire. I managed to catch around 6 fish the whole day. I really struggled to get so much as a bite. Allan and Panto caught a few tench between them, if I'm not mistaken I think Allan ended up with four Tench in total. Panto caught the fish of the day, a Pike of 14lb's fell to a single maggot. I'd suspect that as he was fishing the method that he'd tethered a small Roach or Skimmer, the Pike had taken the fish. Nevertheless he did very well to land it on only 6lb line. It put up a hell of a fight too. Good angling!

I had two runs on a Pike rod both of which resulted in drop runs.

To be honest I'm glad that the opening day is done and dusted now. It often doesn't live up to it's name. I have the whole season to look forward to now and I'm planning to catch some decent Barbel and Carp over the coming months.

Allan's Tench

Panto's catch of the day