Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Knowledge is key


The weather was god damn awful today. You just wouldn't believe that it was the 12th of June. Blustery winds accompanied by pelting rain would put pay to many a fishing session. I had other ideas! This would be perfect weather for a spot of carping. Firstly the weather would keep the noddies off the bank and secondly there was no way the Carp would be basking cockily on the surface.

I arrived at the venue for just after 12:30. Now I have to confess I do have a favourite peg on this water, and my bottom lip went a bit when I could see that there was someone already on it. Given my late start I should hardly have been surprised.

I enquired to the man that was sitting in 'my peg' as to how it was fishing? He revealed that he had been on the water since 5:10am and as yet hadn't caught a fish. I was quite taken a back by this, as I was sure that they would feed today, yes it was cold - but the water was very warm.

Still sulking, I chose the next peg, put up my day shelter and set up my rod on the method. I cast out towards a prominent feature. Ten minutes later I was weighing a 15lb 2oz Common (At the time of writing this is my second biggest Carp) soon followed by another Common of 10lb 2oz. I'm sure 'my peg' pinching friend was left scratching his head. I finished the session with four Carp in total a 9lb Mirror and a 11lb 4oz Common came just on pack up.

Now I'm not trying to make myself out to be a great angler, far from it. The point behind the above anecdote is that sometimes a little knowledge about what techniques and baits are working on a water are an absolute must - and can most definitely be the difference between sat behind motionless rods or catching fish.

For the record... I didn't spill the beans about my bait ;)


Back to the same venue. I was supposed to be doing some chores with 'Her in doors' but a last minute reprieve from she that must be obeyed was music to my ears. The van was soon packed and I wheel spun out of the drive before she changed her mind.

The fishing however was slow, very slow...I was catching plenty of Bream, but the Carp were not for showing. (notice I'm becoming a little expectant) Several hours went by before I finally had my moment. A welcomed blank saver by that of a lovely golden looking common of around 8lb's. Another 2 Carp followed - all of them being around the same weight.

No doubles were caught today so I couldn't be bothered with self takes. Instead I opted to photograph a little mouse that kept me company during my session. I affectionately referred to him as Mickey. :D

Scraper Double
15lb 2ozlast knockings 11lb 4oz