Friday, 20 May 2011

If it's broke, then fix it!

I planned a days fishing on my local canal today. It's been a while since I've fished it so it was about time I gave it a try. Allan had a day off work so he decided to join me. The last time I fished the canal I managed to snap my number 4 pole section. Still out of commission I had little choice than to fish the tip. The bites were slow, very slow in fact. In around an hour and a half worth of fishing I'd managed to catch a Perch of just under a pound and Allan had managed to tempt a lonely Roach.

The fish were not biting and the clock was ticking, what to do? With the knowledge that the club matches weren't producing big weights. 3lb odd I'm told was the winning bag recently. We decided to make the bold decision to pack up and head to a different venue, not something that I do too often. We travelled to a lake that is likely to provide a little sport.. and it did just that.

Allan was the first to catch and he landed a stunning Ghost Carp of 11lb 6oz a cracking fish, a new Carp P.B for Al.

It was packing up time, Allan was long gone, and in a 'just one last cast' act of desperation I managed to sneak a Carp into the landing net. A cracking fish of 11lb 14oz and a great fighter made the wait all the worth while. There is no more fun to be had than catching decent Carp on a 3/4oz tip

The 11lb 6oz Ghost CarpMy 11lb 14oz