Monday, 16 May 2011

A bit of a catch up

I've managed to grace the bank a few times over the past few weeks and I've fished a couple of different venues along the way. I can tell you this much though, I'm dying for the river season to start. Not too long to go now little under a month in fact. I'll be putting a bit of an effort in to catch Barbel and large Chub this year, both species I have not given enough of my time to target. I'll more than likely open my season targeting Tench and Bream, it's a bit of a tradition of mine that I wish not to break. The reports below are in no particular order.

The stand out session of late was when myself and Panto had an early start on a Bream and Tench water. We had devastating results. I finished the session with 30 Bream (The average stamp being around 4 to 5 lb's) 4 Tench to 5lb+ and a Roach around a pound. Easily catching over 100lb of fish. Panto finished with 19 Bream and 9 Tench. What a session!

A short session for Carp on the tip, didn't leave me disappointed. I caught a Common of around 10lb for my troubles. Catching Carp on the tip is awesome, this one put up such a fight it bent the hook, thankfully I didn't lose the fish.

A trip to a difficult private water produced a few Perch for me to just under a pound and a Bream of 4lb 10oz. Allan did a little better landing a good few Bream to five pounds and a stunning Rudd of 2lb 1oz. That's a great fish and a complete surprise from this venue.

10lb Common

4lb 10oz Bream
Ruddy Hell! 2lb 1oz
The best Perch of the day.

One of a few double hook up's for myself and the P' unit