Thursday, 3 February 2011

When the wind blows...

The weather report for today wasn't making for good reading. I opened the curtains this morning with a little trepidation as to what I may see. Gusting winds and rain were promised but as I peeked outside and observed the sun and blue skies. It seemed that the forecasters looked to have gotten it wrong.

Now I don't mind fishing in most conditions but high winds are certainly my least favourite. I'm convinced that winds and choppy conditions put the Pike off the feed especially on the drains and canals that I fish. My catch rates in high winds certainly back up my theory.

As I arrived at my swim there was a gentle breeze but nothing more. My first rod was baited up with a ledgered Mackerel, incredibly it was only a couple of minutes after casting in that the float was under and away on it's travels. What followed was scrap with a Pike that fought like the devil. These are the moments as to why I come fishing in the first place, that connection with a hard fighting fish is hard to explain unless you've actually experienced it. Well that's what I tell people who ask me as to why I spend half my life staring at a plastic mostly motionless floats for a hobby.

Once landed due to it's long length I thought the fish looked bigger than it actually was. I was surprised to see the needle on the scales stop at 10lb 2oz. Another canal double so I wasn't for complaining, it's not too long ago that I was chasing my first canal double. Since then I've had a fair few and long may that continue.

The morning was still calm a few non threatening scattered clouds hovered above. A buzzard circled over head, an awesome sight easily distinguished by it's vocal call, sadly too high up for me to capture a photo worth publishing on the blog. A Reed Bunting darted past several times, but this little chap was too fast and constantly on the move to have time to pose for a picture.

During the morning 2 more Pike were landed, both of them Jacks and both came on suspended Roach.

And then it the wind came... It grew stronger throughout the morning reaching speeds of 30+mph. As I'd predicted once the gusts came, the runs stopped. Packing up early and going home for a Coffee was too much of a temptation to resist!

A hard fighting double