Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Late sessions on the tip rod

I've had several late sessions on the canal over the last week, one session I arrived as late as 7.45pm. Each session has produced me some fair sized Bream, an average stamp of around 2lb's. Nothing to ride home about, but still great fun on my Greys tip rod, and using the 2oz section. The takes are unmistakable. Fishing on the tip, is one of my favourite methods of fishing, it's a great sight to see when your rod arcs over signalling a take. I'm still fishing on lob worms at the moment, a great bait, and one that you can fish with confidence, as you know that it's always going to stay on the hook, as opposed to bread, which although a fabulous bait, can often have you thinking, is it? Or isn't it still on the hook? Tonights session was rather quiet, I fished until the edge of dark, I had one Bream of around 2lb's and two Eel's the biggest being perhaps a pound and a half to two pounds. Now that the temperature has risen the Eel's seem to be waking up.

First proper sized Eel of the year

2lb Bream
Fine Example of a Sollom Bream