Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The last Session of the year

After the ice that had scuppered our plans yesterday, myself and Ben went armed to the hilt with a rake to smash the ice. There was no need though, as unbelievably the drains hadn't completely frozen over today. The temperature though was absolutely freezing, and was by far the coldest conditions that I'd ever fished in, not only was it freezing it was also blowing an easterly wind, apparently from Syberia. I'd say the temperature was around -5. Needless to say in these cold conditions, the Pike had well and truly switched off the feed. After speaking to several anglers on the day, it soon became apparent that nobody was catching. Perhaps live baits would have given us the edge today? Today was to be my last session of the year, pity then that it didn't go out with a bang. Bring on next year.