Saturday, 27 December 2008

Early Bird catches the Pike

My alarm was set for 6.30am and I'd arranged another session with Ben. However...... By 7.45 I still hadn't heard from him. Oh dear! Had the self proclaimed 'All New Piking Pirate' overslept? He sure had, whilst I was setting up on the bank Ben was just awakening from his slumber. Within around 10 minutes of being in the water I was in! I was a little guilty of striking a bit early and lost the fish on the strike Damn! Not to worry though as less than 5 minutes later I was in again, more than likely the same fish. A decent scrapping Pike of around 8 or 9lb's was soon caught and released. Ben was missing out on the action. He soon appeared though and was rods in by around 9ish. 2/10 for time keeping today mate. Around 10 ish my right hand float was signalling a take. Unusually my line was stripping off the reel before I struck, I sign that I was into a big fish? I was to be proven right. A powerful fish, and when landed showed 12lb 8oz on the scales. Ben was to be heard muttering "I hate you" to his horror this would be another 12 points to me. Soon enough Ben landed his first Pike of the day, a Jack Pike of 5lb. The rest of the day went by without so much as a sniff, we were about to pack up when Ben was in again, unfortunately the Pike came off during the fight. I seem to be having a bit of luck at the moment, every dog has it's day though and I'm well aware that Ben is due some good fish. Pike league now stands at Matt (40) Ben (25)

12 and a half pounds

Don't stick your fingers in there