Tuesday, 12 July 2011

River Barbel

It was time for Allan and I to have our first Barbel session of the season. The water was coloured and up a little. But not racing through. The conditions were probably perfect. I'm no expert at judging this water and I confess I have a lot to learn.

There is an air of excitement when trying your hand out a new water and a new species, and I was dying to start fishing.

I fished two rods with Coltswold baits 'The One' as my choice of boilie. After around an hour of fishing my left hand rod bent over and my reel stripped line at a good pace. A Barbel and no mistake had taken one of my baits. The fight was amazing and after one session it's fair to say if you'll excuse the pun that 'I'm hooked'

A few hours later I had another take, this time on the right hand rod and the bait was wrapped in paste. Unmistakeably another Barbel, a bit bigger than the last one and certainly a new PB.

No fish for Allan today, which was a shame as I'd liked him to have experienced the 'Barbel fight'

I'm sure we will be back on there very soon.

A black swan -
I've not come across too many of these in my time
My first Barbel of the season

7lb 2oz P.B Barbel